241: Roundtable with Kate Grace and Nicole Antoinette

“It’s like, almost the gift of being forced to look at what you can control and what you can’t control, like I think I sometimes oscillate between the extremes of feeling almost like egotistically powerful, like you know I should be able to control everything or the other end of the extreme of, oh my gosh, I’m completely helpless, everything is out of my control and neither of those are true”
Nicole Antoinette

“I’m not one who’s good at multitasking or who really wants to do that. I think that’s probably really why I love running. I mean. Anything where you’re just kind of in a zone, is so, so I think cathartic, because it allows, there is really no option but to be doing the thing that you are doing.”
Kate Grace

Kate Grace is a professional runner for Nike and the Bowerman Track Club. She was a guest on ROO 120 and recently on ROO 237. She ran in the 2016 Olympics and is a 2021 Olympic hopeful. Nicole Antoinette is a thru-hiker, writer, host of the Real Talk Radio podcast, and a multiple ROO guest, most recently on ROO 222.

This episode was recorded during a Zoom live online event on May 6th, 2020 as part of the ROO Roundtable series during the COVID 19 lockdown. This episode discusses the following topics and answers some live listener questions from the evening.
  • How Kate and Nicole met and became friends
  • What life has been like for them during COVID 19
  • Key lessons and perspectives gained from lockdown
  • Living in the present vs being future focused
  • Managing change during challenging periods
  • Jealousy, insecurities and the process of working on oneself
  • Challenges they’ve encountered during lockdown
  • Answering a range of listener questions

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