246: Soul Sister Sessions on Eating Disorder Recovery during COVID-19

Photo by Rabbitwolf Creative

“I sometimes have to remind myself, it’s ok and normal that it’s not easy to be there while your teammates are doing a track workout or to watch them race or, its normal, you’re not selfish just because that feels hard It doesn’t make you a bad friend, I think it just reflects that you care about and love the sport, so be kind to yourself in that and I think over time that ability to genuinely support your teammates and training partners will get easier as long as you are doing other activities that bring you joy that are completely separated from running, as long as you’re taking care of yourself as well”
Abbey Cooper

This month’s Soul Sister Sessions episode returns to the topic of eating disorders and injuries. Abbey and Julia share and answer a variety of listener questions, some of which are slanted towards the COVID-19 period.

This is all shared from their own lived experiences, and we encourage anyone that is experiencing an eating disorder/disordered eating or any physical or mental health issue, to consult a qualified professional in any instance you feel you require additional support. 

This episode covers the following topics:

  • Check in with Abbey and Julia
  • The benefits of deliberate gratitude practices
  • Setting clear and reasonable expectations 
  • How to support one’s friends in their running when injured
  • Using technology to interact and create community around food during COVID-19 lockdown
  • Tactics to feel empowered when training, racing and when working through an eating disorder/disordered eating situation
  • Managing technology and social media expectations
  • The importance of a coach and team for accountability
  • Finding comfort in one’s body and clothing after weight restoration
  • Communicating with family/partners/loved ones when managing an eating disorder/disordered eating issue
  • What is coming up in the next month for Abbey and Julia

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    health or qualified professional in any situation.

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