248: Piseth Sam on Leadership, Advocacy, and Trauma Informed Movement

“I don’t see myself represented or anyone near me represented so it’s hard for me to look outside of myself for a role model or for a leadership position. So I need to be the leader that I want to see. I need to be the role model that little Piseth can look up to and be so proud of who you have grown up to be.”
Piseth Sam

Piseth Sam is an athlete and the co-owner of PowerHouse Fitness. She is a licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer. At the age of five, Piseth and her family fled Cambodia and came to the US as refugees. Piseth practices trauma informed treatments as part of her philosophy that movement transforms. This is a raw and powerful conversation, and covers the following topics:

  • No Man’s Land Film Festival and her film “Refuge” with Merrell
  • Her relationship with her mother
  • Coming to the US as a refugee, and life as an immigrant
  • The difficulties and barriers navigating the US immigration system
  • Leaving a safe corporate job to pursue her passion
  • The joy she gets from helping people get back into their bodies
  • Toxic masculinity and prejudices/privilege
  • Her experiences climbing and in the outdoors
  • Inclusion in the outdoors
  • Discrimination and the constant challenges women and minorities face
  • Practicing courage
  • Being your own role model

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