253: Nadia Ruiz on Evolving as a Runner and Coach

Photo by Howie Stern

“My philosophy as an educator, as a coach, as an athlete is always try your best and don’t half-ass things. The more you try your best, the more you get value out of it. It is so important to realize the process of achieving something, doing something, trying something new, trying something challenging. It’s part of it. It’s part of the learning experience. So if you only go half effort, you’re only going to gain half of what you potentially can from it.”
– Nadia Ruiz

Nadia Ruiz is a runner, speaker, educator and coach. Nadia’s mission is to make a change in her community by inspiring and motivating individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their personal goals. Nadia is a prolific racer, having raced 100’s of marathons, as well as ultra-marathons, triathlons and adventure races. She has travelled and raced in 27 countries across the globe. Nadia graduated UCLA with a BA in Biology and MA in Education, and taught high school biology for 10 years. Nadia has a huge passion for life, and this episode is reflective of that. 

This conversation covers the following topics:

  • Running the Boston Marathon, and her experience during the 2013 bombing 
  • Her early athletic years and how she started running
  • The importance of ‘play’ 
  • Running multiple marathons a year
  • Deciding to chase a World Record
  • Bonding with her dad over running
  • Being a high school teacher, smiling and how running made her a better teacher
  • Her foray into coaching
  • The lessons her dogs teach her
  • Adapting during COVID 19

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