258: Marilyn Okoro on a Champion Mindset in Running and Life

“I think the message was that I needed to be whole, to be able to, face the track again, and I could do it but I need to take time to make sure that I’d let go of a lot of the stuff I was dragging with me. Forgive and move on, and forgive myself, I think I put a lot on myself as well, I’m such a harsh critic and that started at 10 years old trying to prove to my mum that I could be this amazing athlete and I felt like maybe she was right and I would take it all the way back to that.”
– Marilyn Okoro

Marilyn Okoro is a British professional middle distance runner, who has competed at the pinnacle of her sport at the Olympics, World Championships, and Commonwealth Games. She has spent time in both the United States and United Kingdom training, and is now living in Northern England as she prepares to make the 2021 Great Britain Olympic team.

Marilyn is honest and vulnerable in this conversation, which includes the following topics:
  • Playing lacrosse and her start at running
  • Recognising her talent as an athlete whilst pursuing academic goals
  • Commonwealth Games selection and turning pro
  • Racing in 2007 and 2008
  • The challenges and politics in team selections
  • Navigating coaching changes
  • Living and training in the United States
  • Returning back to train in England
  • Overcoming setbacks and performance slumps
  • Body image and mental health
  • Asking for help
  • Working with former rivals
  • Public speaking and her work outside of running
  • Goals for the 2021 Olympics and the future
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