261: Soul Sister Sessions on Gratitude and Injury

“Ask the question what instead of why. What can I learn from this instead of why is this happening to me. I find that challenging myself to be a student of what season I am in elicits gratitude and visa versa, when I am more grateful, I am more prone to ask what instead of why is this happening.”
Abbey Cooper

This month’s Soul Sister Sessions is all about gratitude and the relationship gratitude has with running and life. Abbey and Julia answer a range of listener questions themed around gratitude, sharing their lived experiences and how they both apply gratitude day to day.

This episode covers the following topics:
  • Check in with Abbey and Julia and background to the topic of gratitude
  • Abbey’s snake story
  • Practicing gratitude when dealing with injuries
  • Supporting friends that are injured
  • Returning from injury and managing the fears of becoming re-injured
  • Supporting and cheering for friends and teammates when you are injured
  • Cross training and how to make it more enjoyable when you’re unable to do your primary sport
  • Injuries vs niggles and how to develop more awareness of the difference
  • Closing thoughts
Julia also announces in the outro that ROO will be taking a pause for the months of October and November. The podcast re-launched just shy of a year ago, and alongside the additional stresses of COVID 19, the pause will provide an opportunity to take a break and re-assess how the podcast will look moving forward. This is our final episode for the next two months.
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