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Unlike most insoles, Currex insoles are both designed to be incredibly comfortable in your shoe, as well as providing stability and support to aid you in your daily activity. Designed by German sports scientists, Currex is the first insole brand to provide dynamic arch support, and offers the largest line of sport/activity specific insoles (running, cycling, soccer cleats, walking and more). The insoles are thin and low profile, and deliver maximum support and comfort, providing a range of functional benefits. They reduce foot pressure providing additional relief for your feet, and can be cut to custom fit your shoes. Currex stands behind their product, and offers a 60 day warranty, even if you have custom cut your insoles.

Currex insoles improve any shoe, and they are offering ROO listeners a 15% discount.

If you want to ‘Feel the Currex difference’,
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If you spend time outside, you will be no stranger to sunburn, insect bites, cuts, scratches, gravel rash, chafing,  blisters, rope burn, and the more serious gashes and wounds from falling and pushing your limits. Normally, you’d need a wide ranging first aid kit to deal with the varied nature of the above. Active Skin Repair changes that, bringing a single product to protect your skin by both healing and sanitizing.

Active Skin Repair harnesses the power of the human body, replicating the same molecule your white blood cells use to create a natural antimicrobial. It fights off foreign organisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses, all whilst supporting your body's natural healing process. 

This all in one 3oz solution has an active hero ingredient (HOCI) which is backed by years of scientific research and uses the same FDA cleared medical grade molecule that is used in hospital wards worldwide. Produced in an ISO certified clean room in California, this means you are using the highest grade product available. This medical grade technology is not only extremely safe, but it is also non toxic. 

Normally antiseptic sprays and other medical products irritate and sting the skin, and are limited to use in certain areas of the body. Because this hero ingredient is innate to our immune systems, you can spray it all over the body, including the eyes, ears, mouth, and those sensitive areas normally covered by underwear. This is a safe product that has no toxicity or allergic reactions. It is endorsed by Pediatricians and Dermatologists for use on the youngest members of your family, but works just as well on endurance athletes competing to win, or anyone adventuring on the weekend. Runners World ranked Active Skin Repair as the #1 skin saver product.

Active Skin Repair is a must for everyone, everyday. It keeps your family and friends healthy and clean whilst the versatility means it can be both a ‘break in emergency’ and regular day to day product (and everything in between). Keep a bottle in your car to spray on your face after removing your mask or for dealing with those post run/bike/hike skin irritants. Put a bottle in your home first aid kit to replace toxic first aid products, and take a bottle with you on long days out in the mountains or outdoors, where you need to be prepared for anything.

Active is an all in one medical grade solution, and by using the code OM20, you can get yourself 20% off any purchase (with free US shipping). Visit to get yours today.

Goodr make performance sunglasses for all your outdoor adventures. They have an incredible range of styles, colours and designs to suit everyone. Goodr creates incredible performance sunglasses that don't slip or bounce, and are polarised. Whether you run, cycle, cross-country ski, or just want a pair of the best looking shades to wear for any occasion, Goodr have you covered. Normally this is the part where you see a ridiculous and unaffordable price tag which scares you away, but never fear. Goodr not only makes the best sunglasses, but also the most affordable. That's right, Goodr sunglasses start at a unbelieveable $25. Skip buying your coffee for a week, and the only problem you will have is choosing which stylish Goodr shades to choose from. The ROO team owns multiple pairs each, because they are THAT GOOD. One pair is never enough.

Head over to and without any discount, you can check out their ridiculously affordable range of high performance sunglasses.

Xendurance is a nutrition company based out of Phoenix Arizona, providing high quality nutrition and recovery products for athletes. Xendurance proudly makes products that are science based for optimal health and performance. They have a large Pro-Team of talented athletes, including ROO’s own Soul Sister Abbey Cooper. All their products are made with the finest ingredients and to the highest quality. They are certified by multiple standards and all their products undergo strict analytic testing to comply with the World Anti Doping Agency, International Olympic Committee and other major sporting leagues.

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