148: Lauren Fleshman on The Superpower of Authenticity

“Doing things in a really authentic and true way is important to me. I’d say not allowing other people’s definition of success or industry definitions of success to define my life experience and sport experience. Hopefully that I would like that people say that I helped give them permission to do the same thing. To value their own definition of success above the external definition of success.”

In this episode, Lauren Fleshman, professional runner for Oiselle, writer, cofounder of Picky Bars, mother, and coach of Little Wing, discusses how to harness the superpower of authenticity. Lauren reflects on her relationship with writing, from the creative process to overcoming the fear of sharing poignant work. She explores how she navigates the principles of sport psychology with the reality of being a multi-dimensional human being. Lauren recounts the story of how she met Jesse Thomas, her husband, professional triathlete, and cofounder of Picky Bars. She shares lessons she has learned from her Oiselle run-family. Lauren explains her recent achilles area surgery and her plan to return to running. She reflects on the role of family in her life, from balancing motherhood with running to the impact of her father’s recent death. Lastly, Lauren explores her superpower of authenticity and how it inspires her dreams for her life and the upcoming year.

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7 thoughts on “148: Lauren Fleshman on The Superpower of Authenticity

  1. Trailmomma says:

    This is the first podcast of yours that I have ever listened to. I fully admit that I tuned in because I am a big fan of Lauren and am part of the Oiselle Volee but I truly loved this podcast not just for Lauren (what an amazing interview though!) but your style and your approach was great too Julia! Honestly, too many podcasters interrupt the interview with too many random thoughtless questions from a list but you actually LISTENED to Lauren. It truly was a nice refreshing podcast where you let the interviewee speak. Thank you and I look forward to listening more. I’ve subscribed now. 😉 And I will leave a review on itunes, but I wanted to share here as well. 🙂

  2. runningonom says:

    Thank you so much for tuning in Trail Momma! I deeply appreciate the fact that you observed my interviewing style and it resonated with you. I would deeply appreciate if you left a review on iTunes and look forward to hearing your thoughts about other interviewees!

    Love & Gratitude,

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