156: Greg Faxon on How to Unlock Your Core Brilliance

“Your core brilliance is basically the thing that only you can do. It’s the thing that your really good at and you love to do and you could be the best in the world, however you define world. For me, my core brilliance is to be a trainer, for me to aim and actualize.”

In this episode, Greg Faxon, business coach and writer, explores how to unlock your core brilliance. Greg discusses the mental shift he has experienced from leaving the city to live in rural West Virginia on The Riverside Project, a 60-acre farm property that he and his partner, Emma Huvos have cofounded. He reflects on life lessons learned from stepping back from elite Spartan racing due to injury.  Greg explains how he left his job to pursue his career as a business coach and writer and his work now as a catalyst for high performing entrepreneurs. He provides insight on the value of unleashing your unique gifts through claiming your core brilliance. Greg shares about his experience at the Revolution Why retreat, including welcoming three participants to the mic to ask him questions. Lastly, Greg reveals how you can cultivate greater productivity in your life through  daily rituals, meditation, and unplugging.

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