157: Micah Risk on Transforming Your Food Footprint

“We think of it more like having a lighter footprint on the world. The choices we make can contribute. Our impact on the world can be lessened greatly by our consumption choices.”

In this episode, Micah Risk, co-founder of Lighter, longtime vegan, and runner, explores how you can transform your food footprint. Micah recounts how she became vegan in her high school and became inspired to spread the word on animal activism to her North Carolina hometown. She explains her transition from a “junk food vegan” to a cleaner plant based diet through the challenge of eating vegan abroad and raising a vegan daughter. Micah explores how her vegan diet supports her athletic endeavors from her experience of running her first marathon to her weekly training with the November Project. She explains the story, mission, and logistics of Lighter, the company she co-founded that provides nation-wide customized plant based meal planning and food delivery. Micah reflects on the experience of being featured on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine. Lastly, Micah provides insight on how to transform your food footprint through accessible and affordable diet behavioral changes.

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