160: Abbey D’Agostino on Integrating Faith into Life

“I felt the peace that comes with acknowledging that I’m not going to run this race with my own strength. And I think that acknowledging those fears before God is what allowed me to feel that peace and I was drawn to it and I wanted to know a God who would work that way in my life.” 

In this episode, Abbey D’Agostino, professional runner, explores what it means to integrate one’s faith into their life. Abbey discusses the spiritual and physical benefits of a rest day in her training and life. She explains the importance and benefits of journaling in her daily routine. Abbey reveals how she has faced performance anxiety and the steps she has taken to overcome it. She details her recent journey with injuries and the lessons she has learned from these experiences. Abbey recounts notable races of her first year as a professional from the high of running a 5k PR in 15:03 to the low of battling injury at her first World Championship race in Beijing. Abbey reflects on the importance of her faith in her life and the experiencing of sharing this publicly. Lastly, Abbey discusses her training now, from the lessons learned from podcasts while cross training to upcoming racing goals for 2016.

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{Photo of Abbey running by Michael Scott}

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