162: Dan Walters on a Holistic Approach to Running

“You can accomplish so much by just getting rid of the distractions and just doing it and having everything else in your life align for that.” 

In this episode, Dan Walters, personal running coach and founder of DW Running, discusses a holistic approach to running. Dan reflects on the impact that his father, Dave Walters, accomplished runner and Olympic Trials qualifier, had on his early love of running. He recounts how a running injury in college eventually led him to pursue running coaching. Dan explains his holistic philosophy on running training, that includes nutrition, rest, life stress, and mental focus.  He shares memorable experiences he has had in his coaching that Dan has found more rewarding than his own running. Dan discusses the journey leaving his full-time job as a mechanical engineer to pursue coaching full-time. He also answers three different questions from his athlete Erin, his wife Allie, and friend Lauren on running training. Lastly, Dan provides insight on why people should invest in a running coach and previews exciting growth for the DW Running team.

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