165: Andrew Wheating on Strengthening Your Winning Muscle

“Loosing and winning are like black and white. There is no gray in here. If you loose, it stinks and it is an awful, gut-wrenching feeling. But, when you win, I don’t think there is a higher high on this planet that you can experience than by winning a big race.”

In this episode, Andrew Wheating, professional runner for the Oregon Track Club and two-time Olympian, discusses how to strengthen your winning muscle. He recounts his running background, from the immediate success he had his junior year of high school to his experience running as a freshman on the University of Oregon. Andrew shares lessons learned from battling injury and challenging loses. He reflects on the importance of shifting one’s mental game in order to win in running and life. Andrew reveals how he unplugs from running, which includes the creative process of video filming and editing. Lastly, he discusses the role of patience in the context of both memorable races and his upcoming Olympic goals.

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