168: David Laney on Overcoming Mental Barriers

“Doing something you didn’t know you could do and accomplishing something that’s been on your horizon or been a dream for a long time is a really good thing and working towards those things. I want to coach anybody that has a dream or has a desire. People feel so good when they do something that they didn’t know could do.”

In this episode, David Laney, professional runner for Nike Trail Running and running coach at Trails and Tarmac, discusses how to overcome mental barriers in running and life. David reflects on his lifelong love for running that included a challenging high school career where his body wasn’t able to keep up with his passion for running. He reveals how the seed to run 100 miles was planted in him early on and why he transitioned to ultra trail running from a track and road background. David explores the experience of summoning the mental strength to finish third at the renowned UTMB 103-mile race this past August. He provides insight from his running inspiration and his journey being self-coached. Lastly, David discusses his coaching business Trails and Tarmac and the importance of pursuing your dreams.

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