169: Amanda Nurse on Finding Joy in Improvement

“I also think you have to remind yourself of why you do it. Because I think most people would say they run not because they have to, but because it gives them joy or it gives them a stress relief, or something— so to always keep that in mind.”

In this episode, Amanda Nurse, runner, social worker, and wellness advocate explores how to find joy in the path of improvement. Amanda discusses her athletic journey from ice skating in her youth, playing lacrosse in college to running her first marathon. She explains the importance of a balanced training schedule that has allowed her to improve her marathon time with every marathon she has raced. Amanda recounts the experience of qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials at the California International Marathon in December 2015. She provides insight for runners of all levels on how to improve in their training and racing. Lastly, Amanda previews her professional goals for 2016.

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