171: China Forbes on Music, Mental Illness, and Saying Yes


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“To create an atmosphere for myself, to keep myself interested on stage, and so I do that. I just make it feel sexy or special, and I engage with the energy from the audience, and I find that, singing songs people want to hear is a great feeling.”

In this episode, China Forbes, singer for Pink Martini and songwriter, discusses music, mental illness, and saying yes. She opens the podcast with an acoustic ukulele version of “The Northern Line,” the theme song for the movie “Infinitely Polar Bear,” a film about her childhood. China explains her musical background, from her love of Donna Summer in her youth to performing in Evita during her freshman year at Harvard. She recounts the story of how she began singing with Pink Martini. China reflects on her journey with mental illness and its impact on her motherhood and music. She discusses her return to singing after vocal surgery. China shares about her intention of saying yes as she welcomes exciting projects and performances in 2016. Lastly, China closes the podcast with an acoustic guitar version of her song, “Hey Eugene,” from her album “78.”

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