173: Bonnie Weeks on Yoga, Motherhood, and Mormonism


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“Sometimes people think that yoga is like a handstand or holding crow pose, or its something really tricky or it looks tricky or it looks hard. And yoga is connecting what your head is doing to what your body is doing and having your breath be in-between there.”

In this episode, Bonnie Weeks, yogi, fitness lover, mother, and blogger, reflects on the power of Instagram, as her renowned account @carrot_bowl_bonnie, has opened her heart and life to a new community and spiritual practice. Bonnie discusses her athletic background from her youth in Montana to discovering a passion for running in college. She provides insight on how to find motivation to workout at home, from her daily yoga and strength training practices. Bonnie reflects on the impact Instagram challenges had on introducing her to the transformative power of yoga. She explores how her yoga practice and Mormon faith intersect in her life. Lastly, Bonnie recounts the unexpected journey her growing Instagram following has had on her life, including the mentors and friends she has connected with along the way.

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