175: Derek Sarno on Navigating Grief and Bringing Plant Based Cooking to Whole Foods


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“Really notice and watch. And organically learn how food affects you and nourishes you or makes you want to take a nap.”

In this episode, Derek Sarno, Senior Global Executive Chef for Whole Foods Market and co-founder of Wicked Healthy discusses navigating grief and bringing plant based cooking to Whole Foods Market. Derek reflects on his food background, from dropping out of cooking school to eventually owning several critically acclaimed restaurants, catering businesses, and a vegan farm. He shares about how the grief he experienced after the death of a loved one brought him to study meditation and serve as a chef at Padmasambhava, an international Tibetan Buddhist center. Derek explains how he brings his plant based food philosophy to his recipe and product development work at Whole Foods Market. Lastly, Derek previews exciting developments for Wicked Healthy, the thriving online plant-based community he co-founded, including an upcoming cookbook publication.

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