177: Ian Sharman on How to Race and Recover from 100 Miles


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“2016 will be more of the acknowledgment that I will suffer. That even on a perfect day, I will suffer a lot. And then being prepared for that makes a big difference, because then when you get to that tough part, instead of thinking, ‘Oh no, what have I done wrong,” instead you think, ‘OK, bring it on. Now I’ll deal with it and I’ll do whatever I need to and I’ll keep going.’”

In this episode, Ian Sharman, professional ultra runner, running coach, race director, and writer, discusses how to race and recover from 100 miles. Ian shares his running background, from being a multi-sport athlete in his youth to completing his first marathon as a way to stay active after his workday as an economist in London. He provides insight on training for ultra marathons, from his advocacy of the hard/easy training philosophy to advice for those looking to complete their first ultra. Ian reflects on the magic that occurred in accomplishing some of his strongest race performances, including setting the fastest trail 100 mile time in North America and holding the record for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. He discusses the importance of embracing suffering with mental strength, drawing upon his 2015 and 2013 Leadville 100 mile wins and six consecutive top 10 finishes at Western States 100 miler. Ian explains the inspiration behind setting numerous Guinness Book of World records for running fast marathons in costumes. He previews upcoming projects and races for his coaching business and work as the race director of the Altra US Skyrunner Series. Lastly, Ian reflects on the impact of doping on the sport of ultra running.

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