179: Garrett Heath on The Power of Following Your Own Path in Running


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“A lot of the times the same battles you are fighting in races is your body is in a lot of pain and you are trying to figure out a way to push through it and convince your body to keep going.”

In this episode, Garrett Heath, professional runner for Brooks, discusses the power of following your own path in running. Garrett reflects on his various coaching experiences, from being self-coached to recently joining the Brooks Beasts Track Club in Seattle. He tells the story of how he began running in second grade to discovering a passion for nordic skiing in high school. Garrett recounts the experience of breaking four minutes in the mile as a student at Stanford University and explains why he choose to focus on middle distance in college. He explores the role of mental strength in his recent wins at the 2016 Great Edinburgh Cross Country and the 2015 US Club Cross Country Championship. Lastly, Garrett reveals how he keeps a strong passion for running amidst his day to day training regimen.

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