180: Stephanie Howe on The Intersection of Running, Nutrition, and Intuition


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“I go off feel. I am really more an intuitive runner. I know what it feels like to go hard. I know what it feels like to recover. And I think that is really powerful.”

In this episode, Stephanie Howe, professional ultra runner,  sports nutritionist, coach, and exercise physiologist, discusses the intersection of running, nutrition, and intuition. Stephanie recalls her athletic background, from discovering a passion for nordic skiing in high school to developing a love for running during college. She shares about her educational studies, including her PhD dissertation in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Stephanie explains her intuitive running and holistic nutrition philosophies that inform her training and life. She discusses the mental challenges she has overcome in ultra races, from winning Western States 100-miler in 2014 to completing UTMB in 2015. Lastly, Stephanie reflects on lessons learned from her recent achilles surgery and previews upcoming projects and races for 2016.

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