181: Sally Bergesen on The Inspiration Behind Oiselle and Sports Activism


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“There are no secrets. If you have a really good grasp of what you’re passionate about, who you want to reach, and the type of product that you want to create for them, you will have tons of obstacles along the way.”

In this episode,  Sally Bergesen, founder and CEO of Oiselle, discusses the inspiration behind starting Oiselle, a women’s running and athletic apparel company, and explores topics in sports activism. Sally recounts her career path before founding Oiselle, from being an English major in college to building her own consulting practice. She reflects on her running background, from running competitively for the first time as a senior in high school to discovering a love for the road 5k post collegiately. Sally explains the meaning behind the name Oiselle and recalls the early growth of the company. She offers advice for mother runners on balancing training with work and parenting. Sally previews exciting growth and developments for the Oiselle Team. Lastly, Sally provides insight on topics and issues in sports activism.

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