183: Rob Bell on How Structure Breeds Spontaneity


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“Actually it’s the structure that breeds the spontaneity. Everything I do has really hard work that goes into knowing exactly what I am trying to do, so then you are free to see what happens.”

In this episode, Rob Bell, international teacher, author, and pastor, explores how structure breeds spontaneity. Rob discusses the inspiration behind his upcoming book “How To Be Here.” He recounts his journey as a pastor, from the first sermon he gave to founding Mars Hill Church, which under his leadership was one of the fastest-growing churches in America. Rob reflects on the importance of hard work and devoting oneself to their craft as a pathway to success. He explains how his controversial book “Love Wins” both changed his life and taught him that it was OK to have fear. Rob discusses practicing his faith in his everyday life, from being a father to riding on his surfboard. He previews exciting developments and details for his podcast, The RobCast, and the “How To Be Here” book tour.

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