184: Andrea Duke on Embodying Feminine Fierce as A Runner, Mother, and Professor 


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“Overtime, over about a year, it just turned into this momentum of pushing it because I was emotionally distraught. And then it turned into, ‘Wait a minute, this feels so good. Oh, wait a minute, I’m getting faster. Oh wait a minute, I’m getting faster and I’m getting confident.’”

In this episode, Andrea Duke, runner, mother, and professor, discusses embodying feminine fierce in her many roles. Andrea shares about her running journey, from being a passionate recreational runner who has completed over 45 marathons to her recent breakthrough into elite marathoning. She explores how being a mother has changed her running. Andrea discusses integrating her PhD focus on gender issues in sports and entertainment into her work as a professor and in her own relationship to social media. She recounts the story of qualifying for the Olympic Trials at the 2014 Chicago Marathon. Andrea explains her approach to the 2016 Olympic Trials race as a celebration and dedication of every mile. Lastly, Andrea reflects on the power of music in her life and reveals her upcoming transition to obstacle course racing.

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