187: Devon Yanko on Following Your Inspiration to Run 100 Miles and Start a Bakery


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“I hadn’t wanted to run 100 miles, it hadn’t been on my radar. But again, I followed that inspiration, like that idea came to me and I couldn’t let it go. But I was like, ‘I see that inspiration and I’m going to follow that,’ and that’s how I want to run.”

In this episode, Devon Yanko, professional runner for Oiselle and co-owner of M.H. Bread and Butter Bakery, discusses what it means to follow your inspiration. Devon reflects on her running background, from her youth as a competitive basketball player to discovering the half marathon in college. She reveals the challenges she faced at her recent win at the Sean O’Brien 100 km race where she earned a spot into the prestigious 2016 Western States 100. Devon recounts the journey of starting M.H. Bread and Butter Bakery and how she balancing running the bakery with her training. She explores the influence that the community and leadership of Oiselle has had on her life. Lastly, Devon previews upcoming races on her calendar.

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