188: Max King on Finding Joy, Strength, and Speed in Every Distance


“From that day forward for the last 10 years or so, I’ve always focused on that fun aspect, which is partly why I do so many different things and why I’ve played in long trail races, short trail races, road races, obstacle course races— it’s because of that fun.”
– Max King

In this episode, Max King, professional runner, discusses what it means to find joy, strength, and speed across every distance. Max recalls his running background, from cultivating a love of trail running in his youth to discovering the steeplechase in college. He recounts his recent 12th place finish at the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon, including his race strategy and training before. Max explores his running philosophy that guides his coaching and training, grounded in speed, strength, and having fun. He shares about the importance of sharing his love of running with youth, including details on his upcoming trail running camp for high schoolers. Max reflects on his running inspirations and the influence that being a father has had on his running. Lastly, Max reveals how he stays uninjured in his training and previews races on his calendar for 2016.

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