189: Melody Moore on Healing Eating Disorders Through Yoga and Self Love


“Our core wounds lead us to our greatest gifts. How can we turn what was lacking and what was heartbreaking into service in a way that is empathetic and not sympathetic?”
– Melody Moore

In this interview, Dr. Melody Moore, clinical psychologist, yoga teacher, author, activist, and founder of the Embody Love Movement, explores healing eating disorders through yoga and self love. Melody explains the inspiration behind founding Embody Love Movement and it’s service model as essential for relapse prevention. She tells the story of her relationship with food and body image and how we can turn our wounds into our greatest gifts. Melody discusses the impact family has on eating disorders and addiction. She explores why eating disorders are driven by our capitalist culture and how we can use yoga and self love practices to heal them. Melody reflects on why she transitioned from a private therapy practice to teaching internationally with Embody Love Movement. Lastly, Melody previews exciting projects and workshops on her calendar for 2016.

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