191: Nikki Myers on Overcoming Addiction through Yoga and The 12-Steps


“It’s the disease of the lost self: that anytime I look outside myself for something that can only come from the inside, then I’m in a codependent relationship with whatever that is.”
– Nikki Myers

In this episode, Nikki Myers, founder of Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) and a yoga teacher and therapist, explores overcoming addiction through yoga and The 12-Steps. Nikki discusses integrating her many identities as an alcoholic, sex and drug addict, and codependent with her work now as a sober healer and leader. She explains why codependence and addiction is the disease of the lost self. Nikki recounts the story of becoming sober at the age of 34 after 21 years of battling addiction. She reflects on why she choose to integrate yoga and The 12-Steps through founding Y12SR. Lastly, Nikki previews details on her upcoming book and her teaching schedule for 2016.

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