192: Real Talk Reflections on Gratitude, Grit, and Grace with Nicole Antoinette and Julia Hanlon


Photo by Jess Barnard

“This idea of finding an intersection between grit and grace. There is no fixed point where that exists. I don’t think that ever happens . But this idea of grit being: doing your best, getting on stage even when your terrified, digging deep, fighting through boredom, pain, fear, and rejection, and basically like, toughening the hell up.”
– Nicole Antoinette

Real Talk Reflections is a monthly series on Running On Om, where Nicole Antoinette and Julia Hanlon have honest, real talk on what it means to reflect, review, own your goals, and commit to your life. In this episode, Nicole and Julia discuss practicing gratitude, grit, and grace. They reveal the highs and lows they experienced during March and share their goals for Ap ril. Lastly, Nicole and Julia challenge ROO listeners to express gratitude to someone through the written word— it could be a short tweet, a podcast  review, or maybe a letter to a loved one!

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