193: Hala Khouri on Transforming Trauma through Yoga and Activism


“I’m really hopeful when I talk about trauma because with trauma comes resilience. Resilience is our ability to know that we are going to be ok, even when things don’t go the way we want. And the only way we can know that is by having things not go the way we want and survive it.”
-Hala Khouri

In this episode, Hala Khouri, yoga teacher, somatic counselor, and activist, discusses transforming trauma through yoga and activism. Hala reveals the traumas she experienced that inspire her work, including leaving her home of Beirut, Lebanon as a young girl. She reflects on her yoga background from how a cancer diagnosis lead her to her first yoga class to her decision to become a yoga teacher. Hala defines trauma, including the difference between capital “T” and lowercase “t” trauma. She explores the power of somatic therapy and why she believes a holistic approach is essential for releasing contractive patterns of trauma from the body and mind. Hala discusses the importance of inspiring yogis to become conscious leaders of social change through her work with the non-profit organization, Off The Mat, Into the World. Lastly, Hala previews her 2016 teaching schedule.

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