195: Olivia Hsu on The Balance and Breath of Yoga and Climbing


“The breath is a really amazing thing because if you think about all the things that are required to survive and be alive, the breath is the only thing that we can control.”
– Olivia Hsu

In this episode, Olivia Hsu, professional rock climber and yoga teacher, discusses the role of balance and breath in yoga and climbing. Olivia recounts the story of discovering her love for climbing as an undergraduate student in Australia. She describes how a climbing injury lead her to practice yoga and eventually pursue teaching Ashtanga Yoga. Olivia explores the physiological and mental benefits of controlled breathing in yoga and climbing. She discusses the importance of mentorship in both the climbing and yoga communities. Olivia reveals how she finds times to balance rock climbing and yoga on a daily basis and the challenges she is facing in both practices. Lastly, Olivia discusses her food philosophy and previews exciting climbing adventures and teaching events on her 2016 calendar.

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