196: Jeff Browning on Discovering New Pathways in Running and Nutrition


“I like how hard it is. I like that you can’t jump off the couch and do it. I like that it takes dedication. You have to get out and do the work or you’re not going to get to the finish line. And I like that about it. A good lesson in life is that if you really want to succeed, you gotta do the work. There are no shortcuts.”
– Jeff Browning

In this episode, Jeff Browning, professional ultra runner, discusses discovering new pathways in running and nutrition. Jeff recounts his journey into ultra distances, including his experience running his first 100-miler at Western States. He reflects on the importance of cultivating consistency and mental strength as paramount to his success in completing 23 100-mile races. Jeff explains his outdoor educational philosophy that guides the homeschooling of his three children. He discusses his transition to an optimized fat metabolism protocol, including how he used nutrition to heal Candida and the impact his new diet had on his win at the 2016 Hurt 100-miler. Lastly, Jeff previews his 2016 race calendar and details on his coaching business.

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