197: Amy Ippoliti on The Interconnection Between Yoga and the Environment


“When those images came out, they went viral. The world was like, ‘what is this?’ They were in awe of the beauty of seeing the interconnection between two species underwater. When I saw the images, I was like, ‘I want in! I want to do that, only with yoga.’”
– Amy Ippoliti

In this episode, Amy Ippoliti, yoga teacher, environmentalist, and author explores the interconnection between yoga and the environment. Amy discusses the positive and negative impact social media has had on the yoga world. She reflects on her passion for protecting the environment that began in her youth. Amy recounts her experience at a photoshoot where she practiced underwater yoga next to whale sharks and manta rays to create awareness for marine conservation, including the mental and physical training required for this endeavor. She shares about her yoga journey, from discovering yoga in high school to enrolling in her first teacher training. Amy provides business insight for yoga teachers on building their brands from her founding of 90 Monkeys, her professional development school. Lastly, Amy reveals developments for 2016, including the release of a book.

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