198: Linsey Corbin on Overcoming Adversity with Strength and Patience

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“It’s just a matter of giving your best effort and riding out the tough parts. And having unwavering faith in yourself and your ability to know that you’ll come out the other side on it.”

In this episode, Linsey Corbin, professional triathlete, discusses overcoming adversity with strength and patience. Linsey describes her athletic background from her youth in Bend, OR to completing her first Ironman triathlon in 2006. She reflects on the lessons she learned from illness and injury in 2015. Linsey recounts setting the American Ironman record at Ironman Austria in 2014. She discusses her triathlon workout schedule, including the importance of strength training in her week. Lastly, Linsey reveals her goals for 2016 and beyond.

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{Photo by Chris Corbin of Corbin Brands}

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