199: Secrets, Surprises, and Lessons Learned from ROO

In this episode, I celebrate ROO’s 200th episode with my first Q&A episode answering listener questions. I am so grateful to my soul sister Nicole Antoinette for interviewing me and in our conversation, I answer your questions on:

  • How I started practicing yoga and running and the role yoga and running play in my life now
  • Why I started the Running On Om podcast and advice for those interested in starting their own podcast
  • How I dealt with the disappointment of not meeting a major personal goal
  • The top 3 lessons I learned from 3 podcast interviewees
  • What I wish I could tell my 14 year-old self

My question for YOU: What have you done 200 times that has changed your life? Tweet or write to me on Instagram, I always love to hear from all of you.

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