200: MC YOGI and Amanda Giacomini on Explorations in Creativity, Spirituality, and Art

Photo by Drew Xeron

“Commit to a purpose that is greater than yourself and really give it 100% of your life and you will be absolutely amazed at what will happen.”

In this episode, MC YOGI and Amanda Giacomini, yoga teachers and artists, muse on creativity, spirituality, and art. MC YOGI discusses his adolescent background from discovering Hip Hop music in his youth to the transformation he experienced after living in a group home. He reveals the central teachings he learned from yoga and meditation, including how the practice led him to meet his wife Amanda. Amanda explores the inspiration behind her journey painting 10,000 buddhas. MC YOGI and Amanda reflect on memorable concerts they collaborated on from the past year. Lastly, they preview exciting developments for the upcoming year and offer a spiritual inquiry for listeners.

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