202: Magda Boulet on Believing in Yourself with Confidence and Joy

Photo by Chad Riley

“With running and workouts there are many different ways to reach your goal and you just have to figure out what that is for you.”
– Magda Boulet

In this episode, Magda Boulet, professional ultra runner, Olympian, and head of Innovation & Product Development at GU Energy Labs, discusses how to believe in yourself with confidence and joy. Magda reflects on leaving her home in Poland as a teenager and discovering a love for running at the end of high school. She recounts how she navigated the uncertainty of post collegiate running and the lessons she learned from Jack Daniels, her longtime coach. Magda opens up about the challenges she faced as a new mother when training for the 2008 Olympics. She explains why she choose to transition from road and track racing to ultra trail distances. Lastly, Magda previews her race calendar, including her goals for 2016 Western States 100.

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