203: Ask Lauren Fleshman on Being a Beginner


“I love having an opportunity to be new at something again. To be at that spot where you can make huge gains and you don’t know whether you should feel good or bad about something yet, you just kinda go do it and you judge yourself on how hard you worked and what kind of story you get out of it.”
– Lauren Fleshman

Ask Lauren Fleshman is a monthly series on Running On Om, where Lauren Fleshman, professional runner, coach, mother, business owner, and writer, answers listeners questions on all things that pop up when living an athletic life— motivation, injuries, relationship issues, nutrition, body image, you name it. In this episode,

Lauren answers listeners questions on the following topics:

  • How to make the transition and find the motivation to return back to consistent training after a long break
  • Coaching advice on fostering a balanced team culture for middle school and high school runners
  • Reflections from Lauren on her father
  • Insight on the decision to pursue professional running post collegiately
  • The impact of life stress on endurance training
  • How to cultivate courage to face your fears

Writing Prompts Lauren shared from Marianne Elliott:

  1. Set a 2-minute timer and create a list of “9 things I want to write about” (keep writing down bullet points even if it is past #9 until the timer is up)
  2. Set a 2-minute timer and create a list of “9 things I will never write about”
  3. Set a 2-minute timer and create a list of “9 things I am done writing about”
  4. Set a 5-minute timer and write about one of your bullet points

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