204: Janet Stone on Living A Life of Devotion

Photo by Robert Sturman

“What am I actually aligning myself with? What am I actually devoted to in this breath? Is it kindness? Is it a sense of healing? Is it a wakefulness from the inside out? Is it compassion toward myself or others?”
– Janet Stone

In this episode, Janet Stone, yoga teacher, environmental advocate, and  chanting artist, discusses what it means to live a life of devotion. Janet reflects on how she first came to her yoga mat as a release from her work in the Los Angeles film and TV production industry for 11 years. She recounts her path to becoming a yoga teacher and explains how she balances her yoga practice with motherhood. Janet shares the inspiration behind her chanting album, “Echoes of Devotion” with DJ Drez. Lastly, Janet reflects on upcoming projects, an album, and trainings.

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