205: Real Talk Reflections on Overcoming Fear and Redefining Veganism with Nicole Antoinette and Julia Hanlon

Photo by Jess Barnard

“Really be clear about the boundary where something stops being supportive and starts being limiting and isolating. I think that is different for every person and different for every habit within every person.” 
– Nicole Antoinette

Real Talk Reflections is a monthly series on Running On Om, where Nicole Antoinette and I have honest, real talk on what it means to reflect, review, own your goals, and commit to your life. We dive deep into how we overcome fear and redefine Veganism in our lives. Nicole and I look back on lessons learned from May and reveal our commitments for June.

Real Talk Listener Question for June: “If you could grant a superpower to everyone in the world for one weekend, what would it be and why?” (Question submitted by Jeremy) Reach out to Nicole and I on Twitter or Instagram and let us know your answer!

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