206: Mario Fraioli on Staying the Course in Running and Writing


“The course isn’t always smooth sailing. There is always going to be bumps, waves, and things along the way. You have to be determined to make progress and keep moving forward.”
– Mario Fraioli

In this episode, Mario Fraioli, writer, coach, and runner explores what it means to stay the course in running and writing. Mario covers the following topics:

  • How Mario’s love of basketball in his youth led him to running
  • Why hard work paired with a competitive spirit have been paramount to his success
  • The two most memorable races of Mario’s college career: a win and a loss
  • How he overcame his battle with an eating disorder as a post-collegiate athlete
  • Reflections on coaching César Lizano at the 2012 London Olympics
  • Mario’s career path as a writer and his experiences as a senior editor at Competitor magazine for 6 years
  • How we can make changes to the drug and doping culture in running
  • Mario’s relationship with running now rooted in friendship and joy

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