207: Ask Lauren Fleshman on Finding Your Role Models and Overcoming Mental Barriers


“I always have to do this with coaching women: how am I talking to myself? It all starts with you.  If you can truly work on that everyday, like valuing yourself for the deeper parts of you and continuing to fight those voices that you heard when you were a kid, but you say you don’t hear anymore. But, if they do come up, actively, proactively fight against them and build yourself up— they will see you as this powerful force.”
– Lauren Fleshman

 Ask Lauren Fleshman is a monthly series on Running On Om, where Lauren Fleshman, professional runner, coach, mother, business owner, and writer, answers listeners questions on all things that pop up when living an athletic life— motivation, injuries, relationship issues, nutrition, body image, you name it. In this episode, 

Lauren answers listeners questions on the following topics:

  • Summer training plans for passionate high school runners
  • How to deal with negative feedback on your writing
  • Coaching advice for sustaining passion and motivation in athletes year round
  • How to build the mental strength to return to racing
  • The importance of finding your role models
  • Cultivating strong female runners

Our Call to Comment: share with us on Instagram and Twitter your role model(s)!

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