208: Colin O’Brady on Setting Two World Records and The Value of Hard Work


“It’s possible for anyone really. It’s attainable to reach your goals or to reach a much higher level than what you’re at, but what that really takes is hard work.”
– Colin O’Brady

In this episode, Colin O’Brady, world record holder of the Explorer’s Grand Slam and Seven Summits, discusses the value of hard work, patience, and passion. Colin covers the following topics:

  • How Colin’s lifelong pursuit of athletics, from being a nationally-ranked swimmer and soccer player in high school to swimming at Yale, taught him the power of discipline and team work
  • Details of Colin’s Beyond 7/2 Expedition in which he set a double world record as the fastest person to summit the highest peak on all seven continents and reach the North Pole in 139 days
  • Colin’s story of how being severely burned in a fire after college lead him down the unlikely path to becoming a professional triathlete
  • Reflections from each of the 7 seven summits and 2 poles, including the untold and powerful stories of the challenges, set backs, and joys Colin experienced
  • The impact that Colin’s meditation practice has on his life and the mantra he used during the Beyond 7/2 expedition
  • Beyond 7/2’s mission to raise $1 million dollars to combat childhood obesity.

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