211: Sally McRae on Training Your Mind and Racing Against Yourself

Photo by Davide Marcesini

“We are so much more resilient than our physical bodies. The mind is so powerful. But if you put you’re mind to something, you really believe, and it’s worth it to you, it is amazing what you can overcome.”
– Sally McRae

In this episode, Sally McRae, professional trail runner and coach, explores training your mind and racing against yourself. Sally covers the following topics:

  • What the Western States 100-mile race means to her
  • Channeling your alter-ego in competition
  • How to train your mind for endurance challenges
  • Balancing motherhood with running
  • How to give your best effort when racing against yourself
  • Sally’s upcoming race and recovery plans for Western States and UTMB
  • The role of coaching in Sally’s life

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