213: Zach Miller on Taking Risks and Running Around the World


Photo by Tiago Sousa/No Words Productions

“It’s like that competition with the human spirit: how far you can push yourself? How far you can push your body? Because that is what we are all interested in seeing: what’s humanly possible? We want to see what’s at that outer limit. But you can’t get that if you don’t take that risk.”
– Zach Miller


in this episode, Zach Miller, professional trail runner, reflects on taking risks and his experiences running, training, and racing on six out of the seven continents.

Zach covers the following topics:

  • How he balances training with his current job as caretaker at Barr Camp, a cabin refuge at over 10,000 feet on Pikes Peak, Colorado
  • Why Zach’s durability is a gift and a curse
  • How he trained for ultra marathons working and living on a cruise ship
  • The art of taking risks in racing
  • His intuitive running philosophy and why he runs without a watch
  • Zach’s training plan and racing strategy for his first 100-miler
  • Where his faith and running intersect

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