219: Real Talk Reflections on Hiking Oregon and Making Change with Nicole Antoinette and Julia Hanlon

Photo by Jess Barnard

“This hike has reminded me of the deep intrinsic value of hard work. Not even necessarily for an outcome, but the value of hard work itself. There is a salvation in hard work.”

Real Talk Reflections is a monthly series on Running On Om, where Nicole Antoinette and I have honest, real talk on what it means to reflect, review, own your goals, and commit to your life. In this episode, Nicole and I cover the following topics:

  • Nicole’s experience hiking the Oregon section of the PCT
  • Julia’s journey creating internal space in the city
  • Reflections from watching the Olympics
  • Running as a spiritual practice
  • Nicole’s Real Talk Radio Patreon community
  • Julia’s plans for the ROO Podcast


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