221: Lauren Fleshman on Pursuing Excellence in Running and Life

Photo by Jess Barnard

“Lets bring your whole self into it. You’re either going to have it or you’re not. But why pursue it in a way that divides yourself, splits yourself and creates an identity crisis. Let’s pursue it in a way that is actually you. Bring all of yourself to the line. It’s not going to say you won’t have to make hard choices. You’re going to have to make hard choices all the time, about how you spend your time, but I still think you can be yourself in those choices.”
– Lauren Fleshman

In this episode, Lauren Fleshman returns to the podcast and reflects on her growth in the last 12 months. She shares her evolution, insights and how they apply to her life right now.

This powerful conversation covers a range of themes, including;

  • Lauren’s life and growth in the last 12 months
  • Understanding Postpartum mental health, parenting and the challenges of having young children
  • Managing mental health, taking care of oneself and the challenges that come up during that process
  • Boundaries and the importance of free space
  • Re-learning to be a beginner 
  • Little Wing, pursuing excellence and her evolution and philosophies as a coach
  • Being a female coach and how she balances that with being a mother and a wife.
  • Reflecting on her running career, and how that shapes her now as a coach and retired athlete
  • The complexities of running, racing and that intricate decision making required as an athlete
  • Wilder Writing, her own creative practices, and writing her memoir
  • The nature of memories and how she reconciles with her past
  • ROO Podcast 212, and digging deeper into body image and body shaming

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