223: Soul Sister Sessions on Eating Disorder Recovery in Running with Abbey Cooper and Julia Hanlon

“It is very scary to talk about these things, but it’s also, I find, in speaking about your journey, as you said it’s like you’re rewriting your story, you’re claiming what’s yours, its actually really healing and powerful.”
– Julia Hanlon

“What I would honestly say is that through that anxiety and panic that I felt it really brought me to the end of myself and my willpower and I got to the point where I couldn’t keep it up anymore.”
– Abbey Cooper

In this episode, Abbey and Julia discuss several listener questions on the topics of personal challenges they’ve overcome and eating disorders in running. Abbey and Julia share some powerful and impactful experiences from their past, much of which has not been shared publicly to date. Both Abbey and Julia reflect on how they’ve grown and reconciled these experiences. 

This conversation covers the following topics:
  • Checking in with Abbey’s running and her reflections from her Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.
  • Julia’s ongoing process working through an injury and her Girls Gotta Run film project.
  • Abbey’s high school and college experience with running and an eating disorder.
  • Insecurities and how unhealthy coping mechanisms develop and manifest.
  • Abbey running at Dartmouth, being in a high performing environment, and how she found value in the ‘Buddy System’. 
  • Abbey’s relationship with her body, health and running and how those intertwine.
  • Julia’s experience with an eating disorder.
  • How yoga helped Julia get in touch with her body.
  • Factors that led Julia to stop the podcast in 2016.
  • The confusing culture of body image messaging in the media and how that is embedded in society.
  • How coaches can play a critical role in educating and preventing eating disorders and disordered eating.
  • The importance of education around eating disorders.
  • Effective food journaling.

This episode covers a lot of heavy topics that many people will have been exposed to in some shape or form. It takes a lot of courage to speak out about personal experiences with issues like eating disorders or anything mental health related. We cannot emphasise how important it is to seek professional help if you or someone you know is suffering through an eating disorder or anything mental health related, and as such we have provided a list of resources below.

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    health or qualified professional in any situation.

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