224: Mirna Valerio on Resilience, Inclusion, and Motherhood

The reason is because I love it, I love being in the mountains. I even love road running, not as much as being in the mountains, but I love it because I’m moving my body in the way that I think nature intended for me to move my body and so that makes me so happy and it makes me happy that I do have that quality of resilience.

– Mernal Valerio

Mirna Valerio is an ultrarunner, author, speaker, and educator. Mirna’s journey has been well documented since she returned to running after a health scare in 2008. The intention of this conversation is to share where Mirna is at now during this stage of her life, and her continuing evolution as a sponsored runner.

This conversation touches on a range of themes, including:

  • Her relationship with her mother and what it means to be a mother
  • Her decision to move to Vermont
  • Her recent travel schedule and how she reconciles and manages her schedule
  • Her background as a trained opera singer and how that intersects with her running now
  • Managing an injury during a big 2019 running schedule
  • Helping others and giving back
  • Dealing with bodyweight criticism and negative commentary
  • Being a role model and her relationship with her son
  • Her plans for 2020 and her 2020 mantra



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