226: Soul Sister Sessions on Flow States, Mindfulness and Intention Setting with Abbey Cooper and Julia Hanlon

Photo by Rabbitwolf Creative

“So I, when I hear you describe your experience of flow it sounds like maybe there was less suffering, but I actually feel like I can channel that suffering or that discomfort and I can actually channel it towards gratitude, like to just being oh my god it feels like so good to breathe and to like hear my heartbeat, that is also this real experience of just like quiet connection to myself.”
Julia Hanlon

I was so at peace with what we, you know, whatever played out and I think that peace really carried me into the entire race and I vividly remember, at probably about the 4km mark, of  6km, I had this experience of just feeling carried. I think that’s probably the best way for me to describe it. Where, this has never happened to me since, where like it was almost out of body.
Abbey Cooper

In this months Soul Sister Sessions episode, Abbey and Julia recorded together in Flagstaff, Arizona. This first SSS episode of 2020 checks in with both Julia and Abbey, and goes through some more listener questions. In this episode, Abbey and Julia discuss:

  • Abbey’s annual trips to Flagstaff as a Professional runner, and how she reconciles and manages being away from her husband
  • Both Abbey and Julia’s goals and intentions for 2020, and their chosen word of focus for the year
  • Sharing stories of being in a ‘flow’ state, and unpacking and discussing some of the mechanics of that concept
  • Abbey’s experience of racing on an indoor track and responding to a listener question specifically related to pre-race anxiety from racing indoors
  • A general discussion of meditation and mindfulness
  • Reflecting on the experience of sharing their personal stories with eating disorders in the previous SSS episode
  • What animals they’d choose to be for a day 🙂

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    health or qualified professional in any situation.

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